Meet the Team

Julie A. Gustafson, M.D.
Curriculum Vitae

After earning her M.D. from the University of Washington, Dr. Gustafson interned at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH before residency at Swedish Hospital and the UW in Seattle, WA. She then went on to work with the Pacific Medical Center in Seattle before entering a private Otolaryngology practice in Puyallup, WA.  After 28 years in private practice, Dr. Gustafson chose to leave surgery and focus on the evaluation of hearing loss, joining our company in January 2014. She is a current member of the L&I provider network and a certified WA IME examiner. In her time off she enjoys hiking in the mountains and working on her small family farm where she always wears hearing protection when on her antique tractor.


Jackson R. Holland, M.D.
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Holland earned his M.D. at the Louisiana State University in Shreveport, LA. His internship was at the Providence Medical Center in Seattle, WA. He then went on to residency at Providence Medical Center and University of Washington in Seattle.  Dr. Holland then began private practice in Centralia, WA where he practiced Otolaryngology for 28 years in the local community. He joined Sound ENT in September of 2014 and currently focuses on the evaluation of hearing loss. He is a current member of the L& I provider network and a certified WA IME examiner.  In his hours away from the office Dr. Holland develops and installs computer numerical controls for education and industry.


Edward L. Treyve, M.D.
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Treyve earned his M.D. from the Oregon Health Science University in Portland, OR. He interned with the University of Washington/Swedish Hospital and completed his residency at the University of Washington. He remained a clinical instructor for the UW while operating his own     private practice in Spokane for the next 18 years.  After a brief period of private practice in Jackson Wyoming, Dr. Treyve returned to Washington in 2000 as part of a group practice near Vancouver, WA.  Late in 2017 Dr. Treyve moved to NW Washington to be closer to his children and joined Sound ENT where he will be focusing on his specialty of occupational hearing loss. Dr. Treyve is a current member of the L&I provider network and a certified WA IME examiner. Dr. Treyve enjoys golf, skiing, and gardening in his down time.